Sometimes, when a change initiative is positioned as a system change or a process change, it's dismissed as not being a 'people change'. But we know that the fastest way to adoption of anything new, through all types of change, is to support people.

All types of change require people to do something differently, think differently or behave differently. All types of change are about people.

This is why we have 'bundled' our two popular courses that focus on the human experience, hard-wired behaviour and cognitive biases in the one place and at unbeatable value!

This special bundle is a human-centred masterclass that helps you put your impacted people at the centred of your change design and delivery.

We have two great courses for you!

We are passionate about human behaviour - what makes people tick and what makes them trip.
By taking the time to learn more about human behaviour and to listen and co-create with empathy, we greatly improve the change experience - in these two courses:

Where Design Thinking Meets Change Management
Human Behaviour & Biases

In turn, this increases speed to adoption and reduces change fatigue.

Facilitated by Lena Ross

Facilitated by Justine Ross

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the learning clips?

While the clips cannot be downloaded, all the other resources included in each course package can be.

Can I watch the learning clips more than once?

Yes, you can watch the clips as often as you like during your access period.

Do I need to complete the courses in a specific order?

No, while the content in each online program complements the other, you can complete the programs in any order, or at the same time if you prefer. 

What assessment is required to receive the micro-credentials?

For each course, you need to complete the online multiple-choice exam with 80% correct responses.

You have unlimited number of attempts at the online exam.

Make sure you have downloaded the PDFs and read the “Featuring Your Digital Credentials” Guide as part of your completion for each program.

Is there a package available for teams wishing to enrol?

Yes, we can arrange individual logons for team members and special team pricing for groups of five or more.

Contact us on [email protected] for more details.