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Change is inevitable, but its impact can be optimised when properly understood and managed.

That's why we're excited to present this invaluable course and resource kit for professionals like you who are seeking to navigate the challenges of change and drive successful outcomes.

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What's unique about this course?

That's a fair question! With so much out there on the market, you want to enjoy the best value possible. Here's what makes this one different:

Your facilitator has decades of change experience!

It includes the Change Impacts Playbook - the only one of its kind available.

The content integrates practices from the field of Design Thinking to enhance your change impact activity.

Along with 12 learning clips, you get templates to download and edit, along with valuable resources to keep such as method cards and infographics.

It also includes a completed case study.

Lena Ross - course creator and facilitator

What's in the playbook?

This visual playbook is the only one of its kind, with 70 pages covering:

  • Early analysis
  • Inputs and outputs
  • Why do an impact assessment?
  • Impact categories and definitions
  • Sizing the impacts with impact levels
  • Engagement tips
  • High Level Impact Assessment
  • Detailed Impact Assessment
  • How to run impact assessment workshops with end users
  • The role of impact assessments in the enterprise view of change
  • Using personas and journey maps in impact analysis
  • Sample impact assessment using a role-based persona
  • Document control
  • Examples of interview questions about impact assessment experience
  • Glossary of terms

Clips to Watch

12 months access to learning clips that you can watch as often as you like.
Anytime...from anywhere.

An Essential Guide

The first and only of its kind. Download it to keep as an ongoing resource.
70+ pages of goodness.

Numerous Templates

Over 16 change templates including 2 checklists. Download the library. Edit to your liking with immediate application.

Completed Case Study

A great resource is a case study. This one is on the introduction of marriage reform in Australia, with completed templates including an example of a persona based impact assessment.

Quick Reference Cards

A range of visual tools to download and keep - method cards, quick reference cards and an infographic. This is an enduring resource to build capability.

Your Digital Badge

Complete the online quiz to earn your digital badge. Celebrate and showcase your achievement to your industry peers and recruiters on LinkedIn!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this learning program for?

This program is helpful for early career change practitioners and experienced change managers looking to sharpen their skills in Change Impact Assessments. Team leaders and project managers introducing change without dedicated change resources will also gain value from this program.

Can I download the playbook?

Absolutely! The playbook, in PDF format, is over 70 pages of useful information which will prove to be an enduring resource for you. Yours to keep!

Can I edit the templates and checklists?

Yes, of course! They are provided in PowerPoint format. We include instructions on how to change the colour palette so it suits your organisation's brand colours and typeface. All templates are also yours to keep!

What if I am already working with a change framework or methodology?

Our content is methodology agnostic - You can plug and play these templates and activities in any framework you are already applying.

Can I enrol my change team?

Great idea! When teams enrol, we will send you the Cohort Learning Guide for tips on learning, experimenting and reflecting together.

How might this help me?

This is your essential resource for change impact assessments to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need with:

Expert Guidance: Learn from an industry expert with over 30 years of experience, sharing proven approaches.

Step by Step Approach: We break down the assessment process into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring you have a clear roadmap from start to finish.

Practical Application: In addition to the playbook, you have immediate access to downloadable templates that you can edit and use straight away.

Risk Mitigation: By conducting thorough impact assessments, you will be equipped to identify potential risks and change activities early on.

Proven Approaches: Save hours of time and remove second guessing with what we know works, while building your confidence and capability.

Unbeatable Value!

For those of you who like numbers, we've added up the value of each component of this learning program. It goes like this:

  • Learning Clips - $400
  • Playbook and Guidance Cards - $179
  • Templates and Checklists - $399
  • Completed Case Study - $159
  • Hours of work saved - Priceless

That's a total of $1,137!!!

Now check out the cost of the program. Amazing value!

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