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This UNIQUE MASTERCLASS is designed to help you design your change activity with the end in mind.

This is the part that is often overlooked or undercooked – the part where the change lands, the change practitioner is typically rolled off the project or change initiative just after implementation and it’s left to the business to embed it.

There are things you can do in your change activity and planning to help make the change stick. Let's bring these to life!

Watch Lena explain more about this online microcredential in this short clip

Why I created this MASTERCLASS

In this this Masterclass I cover content that builds on one chapter in my first book Hacking for Agile Change.

In my years of change management experience across various organisations and industries, I observed that very few, if any, deliberate actions are taken to make sure the change sticks. Yet, it's not so difficult to do...once you have a framework to help you.

This microcredential shows you how with a few short clips and examples of what is often forgotten.

You don't need the book to accompany this online course - the material for you to keep is in your downloadable playbook. Enjoy!

How this MASTERCLASS will help you

This microcredential equips you with the knowledge and tools to:

  • confidently discuss the four elements for landing successful change with your stakeholders, raising their awareness of the value of change management
  • make specific recommendations in your change plan to land the change successfully
  • align elements in your readiness checklist to influence business owners to take action
  • kick off conversations to review your organisation's approach to employee selection and performance recognition
  • make a more meaningful contribution to making the change stick
  • immediately apply what you have learned

12 months access to learning clips that you can watch as often as you like.

Anytime...from anywhere.

Read and Apply

The Learner's Playbook has captured the key information to support your learning. Download it to keep as an ongoing resource.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this learning program for?

This program is helpful for early career change practitioners and experienced change managers looking to build their skills in embedding change. Team leaders and project managers introducing change without dedicated change resources will also gain value from this program.

What can I download?

As soon as you enrol, download your Learner’s Guide and the Learner's Playbook.

What if I am already working with a change framework or methodology?

Our content is methodology agnostic - You can plug and play this content and activities in any framework you are already applying.

What do I need to do to earn the micro-credential?

You need to successfully complete the multiple-choice question exam, with 80% correct responses.

You can attempt the exam as many times as you need to during your access period.

The exam questions are based on the content presented in the learning clips.

What do I receive upon successful completion?

You will receive the #changehacks Landing Change digital credential/badge.

Can I enrol my change team?

Great idea! When teams enrol, we will send you the Cohort Learning Guide for tips on learning, experimenting and reflecting together. Email [email protected] for more information.

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